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Work with Me

Invest in your business, invest in your whole life

I believe it’s your responsibility and a fulfillment of your karmic calling to offer your unique services to the world and get paid well for them. When you’re in love with what you do, and you have the right support and systems FOR YOU in place, you can joyfully create a big impact and live a life of abundance and freedom. I can help you make your business and life dreams your actual reality!

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Business Coaching Services
  • 1: 1 Coaching - Custom Program
    My bespoke long-term business coaching program is co-created with YOU. Our work together is a sacred container for developing a path to sustainable financial freedom & a safe space for setting boundaries, creating rituals, and getting your business organized & operating like a well-oiled maching. Depending on your needs, my coaching programs may include: -Brainstorm and craft unique new programs including content, target audience, role out/launch plan, pricing, & client creation -How to get organized in your business and life -How to delegate, stay focused, and be responsible with you money and your time-Implementing business systems -How to speak & write about your business so your audience GETS you & gets excited -Recruiting, creating, and training a support team to free you up to go bigger -Creating a sustainable work/life balance -Connecting to the energy of abundance and prosperity, confidence and leadership -How to use your energy efficiently to get sh$t done -The power of staying inside the mindset of service
  • Fire Starter Business Strategy Session
    This powerful, in person 2.5 hr business strategy VIP intensive is designed to light a strategic fire and get you quickly moving forward on an issue in your business. Best suited for those who are in need of a business boost and a reboot to feel like the important, luxe businesswoman that you are! Whether it's finally launching your online course, how to plan out your next 6-12 months to smash your financial goals, or how to put out a business fire that’s been burning out of control, this session packs a big punch. First, we'll take a big picture look at what you want to achieve. Then we'll map out how to get to your big goals and create a realistic timeline. Lastly, we'll get super detailed about how to execute your game plan with intention and joy. You'll leave the session knowing exactly what to do and with the confidence to do it all on your own.
  • Business Balance Accelerator
    The Business Balance Accelerator is an intimate, 6-week group coaching intensive for women who are ready clean up the behind-the-scenes of their businesses to create more time, less stress, more balance & flow, and big financial rewards. Go from confusion and frustration to laid back and productive with this total business operations upgrade that will teach you how to align the feminine and masculine energies in your business. Read more about it here
  • 1:1 Business Tune Up Program
    This 6-session program takes a look under the hood of your business so you can add some extra sparkle and shine to it. In this business coaching program, we will: -Evaluate your offerings to ensure they match your heart AND what the market is asking for -Fine tune your online messaging so people will understand it and jump to buy your unique offerings -Pricing your services appropriately and confident sales coaching so you always feel in alignment and never feel yucky -Organizing your time by prioritizing rituals, discipline, and planning ahead -Implementing efficient business processes so you get stuff done and have some fun -And most importantly: ACCOUNTABILITY
  • The Confidence Accelerator
    The Confidence Accelerator is my signature women's online group business coaching program where you get the tools, support, inspiration, motivation, and accountability to grow your business. This is an intimate, 6-week intensive for women who are ready to live passionately, serve from the heart, and create big financial rewards.
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Is coaching right for you?

You’ve been running your business for a few years, but you're just not sure how to uplevel and grow sustainably. Or maybe you keep getting caught in the same mindset snags and just don't know how to move forward in a practical way. I hear you. And I’m here to lovingly support you in co-creating a practical roadmap so you can stay focused, balanced, and powerful as a businessperson.


My coaching is for:

  • Motivated procrastinators

  • Disorganized artistic geniuses

  • Boundary-less service providers

  • Business-challenged go-getters

  • Stumped client-creators

  • Fearful service sellers

  • Small-time players looking to level the F up!

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What Clients Say

Since working with Shira, I have built two businesses and brands, learned how to organize logistics, and delegate what needs to be done, plus much more! Shira has helped me to create and set goals that I’ve finally reached. I invested in my business and it has definitely paid off!

Breanna Stein


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Let's get started!

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