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Business Coaching Services
Invest in your business, invest in your whole life

I believe it’s your responsibility and a fulfillment of your karmic calling to offer your unique services to the world and get paid well for them. When you’re in love with what you do, and you have the right support and systems FOR YOU in place, you can joyfully create a big impact and live a life of abundance and freedom. I can help you make your business and life dreams your everyday reality!

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Is coaching right for you?

You’ve been running your business for a few years, but you're just not sure how to uplevel and grow sustainably. Or maybe you keep getting caught in the same mindset snags. You do your inner work, and you are ready to b. , I’m here to lovingly support you.


My coaching is for:

  • Motivated procrastinators

  • Disorganized artistic geniuses

  • Boundary-less service providers

  • Business-challenged go-getters

  • Stumped client-creators

  • Fearful service sellers

  • Smalltime players looking to level the F up!

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Work with Me

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What Clients Say

Since working with Shira, I have built two businesses and brands, learned how to organize logistics, and delegate what needs to be done, plus much more! Shira has helped me to create and set goals that I’ve finally reached. I invested in my business and it has definitely paid off!

Breanna Stein


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Let's get started!

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