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Proudly take radical responsibility for your business and your life 

By tapping into a deeper sense of your true power, worth, abilities, and vibration, you can operate your successful business from a place of lightness, authenticity, and abundance.


Scale your business & income with
joy and ease


I'm a business strategy coach for creative and spiritual solopreneurs, supporting you in the evolution of your personal self so you can revolutionize the way you run your business. I help you maximize your joy, confidence, and flow in your business & life AND make more money by serving powerfully.

I help you harness your center and overhaul your mindset so there is space for implementing efficient, effective business strategies and taking inspired action that has you glowing from the inside out and sets your business on fire.

Hi, I'm Shira

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Green Leaf


I embolden women to break free from limitations and create their own financial freedom as they share their gifts and shake up the status quo.

I help you run your business in a way that aligns with YOU and your way of being. I support you with deep business knowledge, spiritual health, and clear, simple strategies so you can access your courage, confidence, and worth to live your purpose AND make big money.

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What Clients Say

I have chosen to work with Shira as my business coach for years now because she deeply sees and honors my gifts, New Earth vision, and intuitive way of being and working. I have trusted her to share her incredible business mind with me as I develop and expand my offerings. It's so important to have allies in life who lift us up, mirror our brilliance, do not entertain limiting beliefs about ourselves, and constantly cheer us on and help us grow - Shira is one of those powerful allies for me and I am so grateful for her support and love.


Lyra Bluestone


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For the visionaries and change-makers ready to take on the world

I specialize in helping creatives & spiritually-minded service professionals bridge the gap between your vision for the world and your creations - and the systems we live in - so you can stay true to yourself as you serve powerfully.

I believe that with the right business strategies, a healthy nervous system & mindset, and powerful personal practices, you can easily grow your business while staying connected to your heart. With a deep understanding of the creative spirit, I weave my business know-how + my obsession with your success to translate your visions into easy, result-focused actions.

I help you with the logistics of growing your business so you can serve from a clear heart.

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Work with Me

I offer a variety of coaching programs and packages to fit your needs. Whether you're an established brand or a younger business looking for a tune-up, I've got you covered.

1:1 Coaching

 Long-term, individualized coaching program co-created with YOU for YOU

Group Coaching

An intimate, 6-week intensive for women who are ready to live passionately and serve from the heart

Fire Starter Sessions

Join a Business Fire Starter Session to reignite your business flame


Your business can be effortless and fun.