"I worked with Shira for several weeks and during this time I saw huge positive shifts in my coaching business - more creative flow, more confidence, and more clients. In our meetings, Shira generously offered both her business expertise and her gift of understanding people. She helped me clarify my strengths and gain perspective, offered powerful encouragement, and brainstormed new ideas and strategies with me. Shira was an invaluable partner during a challenging transitional time in my business. She is such a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend her professional services."

Stephanie Lin, Life Coach

I’m a professional illustrator and here’s where I was before working with Shira: I was really not sure as to how to even describe what I do to strangers in an engaging way. I felt ultimately that I was not getting the business leads that I want. The process of finding who my audience is or how to talk to them was simply taking too long, and I felt lost and overwhelmed.  Shira and I had a call once per week and she got a solid grasp on my business and how to move forward.  We methodically made baby steps each week; she gave me homework that really pushed me! 

I can say now after two months of working with Shira that I feel more confident about what I do and feel that I really offer a service that is desirable and needed.  I feel grounded and clear now about how to generate leads and what is actually required from me to do that - and with clarity comes excitement and confidence.  I recommend Shira’s services fully, and as a person who’s gone through the process, be sure to contact Shira when you’re ready to do the hard work necessary to improve yourself so that you don’t waste your time or her time.  She’s like performance enhancing supplement, but you’ve got to perform!

Jessica M. Koren, Medical Illustrator

We all need mentors. Sometimes, we excel in our profession but lack the skills and know-how to carry our work out into the world.

This is what led me to Shira. I knew I needed help and she was an answer to a prayer. She’s more than a coach; she’s the perfect blend of expert, guide, cheerleader, teacher and humanitarian. She understands people well. And I am learning, that is part of what makes a business thrive.

I am blown away by how much I accomplished in the 6 weeks working with Shira. In fact, I met my monthly income goal and dreams that had been just that - dreams - became reality. Shira provided a place for me to be my most vulnerable self that engaged me in a co-creative process towards success. Beyond grateful!

Amanda Wattie, Somatic Sex Educator

Shira is a highly capable business coach who is both honest and supportive of her clients' goals. I've had 3 sessions with her so far, and already feel that I'm learning invaluable tools. Each session begins with a grounding meditation that she leads in her sweet, calming voice. Afterwards, I feel delicious and ready to focus on my dreams! She is a constant source of grounding, clear truth, requiring my best work and reminding me of what's possible. I'm thrilled to continue our work together, for she is wealth of insight. Thank you, Shira!

Amy B., HomeBody Movement

I had a business consultation with Shira, and I was left super impressed! She was very attentive, professional and able to offer some specific strategies for my business. The examples, ideas and insights she gave me were inspiring and it's impressive how she is able to dive into various industries and apply her knowledge as if they were all one. Her style is very holistic as she touches both the business side of things and the personal or even spiritual issues that I'm dealing with as a small business owner.

Daniela Gehtman, Yoga with Daniela

I have met with Shira for at least 5 sessions and have been thrilled with her services! She is super professional and excellent at highlighting areas of improvement and putting down tangible goals and solutions. She helped my business successfully work through serious transitions. Would recommend highly!

Sarah Dray, JD, LinguistIt

Shira is a very caring person as well as sharp and knowledgeable, so being a coach suits her perfectly. She has helped me by not only giving me great advise, but also tons of motivation as I've contemplated starting my own business. Shira sees the advantages and possibilities for the future, both for my business and for me as a businesswoman.
Shira also held a workshop on how to write a business plan for the group I'm running of entrepreneur women who want to start their own business. It was very informative and clear, and in two hours she managed to cover all the basics needed to write the business plan. But more importantly, in between the informative parts, she strengthened our self-confidence, which I think is just as important as bringing the professional knowledge. Shira did this naturally. Everyone was very satisfied with the workshop, and Shira also offered individual help afterwards.
I enjoy working with Shira and highly recommend her services. She is a very pleasant and energetic person with lots of experience and knowledge.

Helena S., Entrepreneur

So far I've had 2 business consultations with Shira, both of which were extremely helpful. I found Shira's style very grounding, practical and holistic. She is direct and sharp, seeing clearly through what needs attention, in a kind and loving way. In just 2 sessions she was able to help me focus, hone and refine some of the things I'm working on in growing my business, as well as offering concrete suggestions as to how to improve my practice. From centering meditations to recommending budget tracker apps, I immediately felt safe in Shira's hands from the first moment of meeting her, and I'm very inspired by her work and approach. I believe it's just the beginning of this relationship and I'm grateful for the support. Thank you Shira!

Charlie Kesem,

Artistic Director & Storyteller at Kesem Storytelling Collective

Shira recently helped me with my business of holistic healing. I found she was very good at raising the right questions, which opened up new perspectives for me and for my clinic. Shira has a clear vision of the right path for your business.

Warmly recommended.

Greg Boudy, Shaman/Healer at ‎ריפוי שמאני Shamanic Healing‎

I consulted with Shira regarding a business concept that I put to rest due to feelings of overwhelm and lack of clarity regarding how to move forward.  During our time together, Shira asked me important questions that I was unable to be aware of on my own to help me identify and become more clear about how to define my product/service, what blocks I might have that were holding me back, and separate between the worthwhile and better avoided in terms of where to put my energy and priorities to proceed and reactivate my concept from where it was holding.
She was also extremely helpful in brainstorming and providing ideas and resources as well as a highly empathetic source of support and encouragement. I would definitely recommend her and choose to consult with her again in the future.

Gila, Holistic Healer at Energy Isreal

Shira is an inspirational individual and a true professional, she gave me a very insightful consultation on my business venture. I found it very helpful for the process of developing my business, strategies and ideas.

I am sure she will be able to do the same for you!

Thanks, Shira!

Tallia P., Jewelry Artist

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